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Concerns about FPACX

This is a fund David owns and keeps in high regard as per his input on this site.This is supposed to be a cautious mod allocation fund but lost about 6.5% in the past year with about 25% cash in assets, ie loss greater than the s&p 500 index by about 2%. FPACX has lost about 25% of its AUM in the past few years. Has Steve Romick and his clan lost their supposed mandate? Or is it very poor equity choices. What say thee?


  • I also owned many years ago and sold it.. Seems Mr. Romick has alway been held in high regard. I was never able to understand that.
  • FPACX is a ridiculously expensive place to hold cash. And perhaps an expensive place to hold everything else Mr. Romick invests in. That being said,Mr.Romick is a smart dude who is very risk adverse. I left him long ago but he is doing fine without me.
  • I'd like to hear David's current Take on fpacx.
    I have been considering Dumping fpacx based on - high Expenses,
    - poor performance,especially with 29% in cash!! Any suggestions for a replacement?
    R. Etris
  • The high fee is also a concern but if would make a difference in risk and losses, it would be worthwhile. I am lucky to also own PRWCX where my holding would go if I sell FPACX, but it is closed to newcomers. Look at ABALX, DODBX ,JABAX and if concerned about taxes investigate VTMFX. If David has any thoughts they would be appreciated also.
  • Will consider selling my FPACX if they liquidate FPPTX which I have held for years. No reason to leave any money behind.
  • im considering selling fpacx and buying more dodbx.
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