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ARTMX Is it time to sell

After reading discussions below on Artisan Partners I decided to check on son's holding of ARTMX. 20 yrs mfo gives it a 5 rating on return. 10 yrs = 3, 5 &3 yrs =1 , & 1 yr =2 rating. Does anyone care to chime in about this fund.
Thanks, Derf


  • Just a guess because I don't know the fund well, but Andrew Stephens started this fund and managed it until he retired in 2014. I can't look at the category rankings before 2008 but it seems like performance suffered after he retired, or maybe after he announced his retirement. If I held the fund I'd want to believe someone else on the team was just as good.
  • Seems to me that ARTMX runs hot and cold.
  • Mona said:

    Seems to me that ARTMX runs hot and cold.

    Just like most other funds in its category, no? I'm just glad I timed my buys in my Artisan funds properly which is what has kept me in them for such long time while I have reduced my positions.

  • Still own it for many years (think it is closed to new investors). Also keep POAGX as a back-up.
  • I’ve owned it for decades but have reduced pct over the Years.

    I’m inclined to sell all shares. As previously stated it runs hot and cold AND there are better options I believe.
  • Although POAGX is similar to ARTMX as both are mid-cap growth oriented, POAGX has been closed to new investors for several years. The larger cap version, PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth Fund, POGRX is still open.
  • Thanks for all the replies . I'll take this up with son & see what he wants to do. As he has a limited number of funds to choose from I'll suggest sell some & invest in something he's short of, like bonds.
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