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  • edited May 2018
    @Crash - Clown is far too kind a word. But I digress.

    Yikes, looks like bonds got whacked again today. Will be interesting to see where this eventually leads.
  • I just pulled the plug on PREMX, EM bonds. Over the course of the years I've owned it (since summer, 2010) it's made me money. About 5% total. I can't get a completely accurate number, because when I rolled it out of the 403b into the IRA, TRP treated it like a brand new birth, as if the 403b never existed. (Poop.) Ya, it was down quite a bit today---again--- and so, I don't need to see any more of that. I'm looking for income and maintenance more than growth these days, and so, I took the PREMX money and put it all into RPIHX TRP Global Junk bonds. I've been eyeballing that one for months. I'm still in PRSNX, too. Holding up well.
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