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Even the "rockstars" disagree. Whom are we to believe?

edited September 2013 in Fund Discussions
I don't listen to much that Paul Farrell says, but this is an interesting commentary:

There has been a fair amount of recent discussion about Bill, Mo, PIMCO and Mr. Farrell in this forum. I guess I'm not the only person who has trouble picking winners and timing the purchase/sale.


  • Dear Bitzer: That's what I meant in my earlier post, Paul and his headline seeking outrages statements. His smile says it all, can you spell Jerk !
  • edited September 2013
    Reply to @Ted: Sometimes people make outrageous statements to call attention to themselves. For example, I could state that the Buffalo Bills will win the 2014 Super Bowl. Unlikely to happen, but if it does I will look like a hero. If not, who will remember that I said it?

    To Mr. Farrell's credit, he has called attention to managed ETF "lazy" portfolios. I would have been better off using a lazy portfolio than putting my money on Bill, Mo and Rob Arnott.

    Thanks for those daily early morning postings of investment articles.
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