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Currency Exchange

edited June 2013 in Off-Topic
I'm planning a trip to Prague in September and I see within the past year the Crown has fluctuated between about 18.6 to the USD to 20.9 to the USD.

Since I earn USD, do I purchase more goods and services in Prague at an exchange rate of 18.6 or 20.9?




  • edited June 2013
    Think of it this way: When in the Czech Republic, you will be paying for stuff in Crowns. You will be buying those crowns with US dollars. Would you rather get 19 or 21 Crowns for your dollar? More is better.

    We might have a few crowns left laying around from our travels there some years ago. Nice place, nice people. Have a wonderful time!
  • Reply to @Old_Joe:

    Thanks, but shucks!

    About a year ago it was 21 to the dollar and now about 19.5.

  • it was 17 officially and 13 on the streets when i was there. so don't complain! it's a good time to go and try their beer, among other things, one of the best out there.
  • Reply to @fundalarm: Damn straight on that!!
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