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Are shipping terminals clear ?

@Old_Joe : Hopefully you or others can shed some light on this subject. I haven't heard lately any news on this problem & thinking the news has turned elsewhere. This kind of goes with not enough truckers to get the goods delivered.
Are the container ships still circling, waiting to get unloaded, or are the containers waiting to be picked up for delivery?

Thanks for any info, Derf


  • As of March 16, 2022 Cargo Ship Status
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    There’s been ample coverage in the WSJ that global shipping is slowing down and also domestic trucking. Apparently some cargo ships are running near empty for reasons that weren’t entirely clear to me. The slowdown, however, is credited to stores & warehouses having now been able to resupply inventories that ran low during the height of Covid. Of course, there’s also the possibility the overall economy is slowing.

    BBB warned recently that consumer spending has slowed. However, the company’s a bit of a basket case now anyway and not well stocked.

    BTW - Did anyone buy the home builders based on the Barron’s piece a couple weeks ago? For the life of me I don’t understand their optimism in the face of rising mortgage rates. That said, I’d expect the Barron’s piece to propel a temporary bump in in stock buying.
  • Thanks, guys.
  • As of April 14
    Vessel traffic service officials reported this week that the containership backup outside of LA/LB has been reduced to 44 ships, down from a record 109 in early January.
    As of April 7
    More containers are waiting to unload outside ports on the US East Coast than on the West Coast, according to vessel tracking website, MarineTraffic.

    More than 600,000 containers stacked on ships and waiting for capacity to unload were bound for the US as of Wednesday, MarineTraffic said in a tweet. Of those, 186,000 were waiting off the West Coast, while 273,000 were waiting off the US East Coast.
    April 19
    Empty containers piling up in U.S. pushing down prices Container prices have dropped by 30% in two months across east and west coast and more than halved at some ports.
  • Thanks for the replies !
    Have a good day, Derf
  • +1. Following this thread! Seriously looking at single-stock PCFBY.
  • Crash said:

    +1. Following this thread! Seriously looking at single-stock PCFBY.

    @Crash. The bulk carriers use different terminals than the container ships.

    Check out the Baltic Dry Index if you aren't already. A number of sources quote it.

    Home page for the Baltic Exchange.
  • edited April 19
    +1. Thank you, @WABAC.
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