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Revisiting Retirement Drawdown Strategy

It will be nice to track this strategy as we hit draw downs in the upcoming weeks, months, years...
Developing a strategy for managing your transition from “Accumulation” to “Drawdown” is critical. It’s a huge shift in your investment strategy, and it’s not something you should approach without a plan. Today, we’ll revisit our original retirement drawdown strategy and analyze how it’s worked since our retirement in 2018.


  • First line from A (grade) We have increased our stock exposure from 48% to 57%, which is in line with what we were targeting.

    I don't believe they had to add to equity, Mr Market took care of that !!!
  • @Derf,
    ...great point!
  • So far, in EARLY retirement, with my spouse still working, it's not difficult to come up with our drawdown strategy: don't do it. Problem solved. I have been removing small annual chunks of money from the pot, but not so much that I need to worry about permanently impairing future returns. ... Mr. Market has been artificially "juiced" for a long time. That's been a big help. I've discovered that "buy and hold forever" won't work, if it EVER did..... The Market, via my particular mutual funds, has been making up what I remove, plus even MORE. ...I recall how dark it felt in '08-'09. I stayed invested. (It was ALL in PREMX, back then. I woke up and diversified, thanks to participants on this message board.). In 2022, the customary January chunk-taking ritual has been delayed. Still not too worried. There are no guarantees, and if this turns out to be a negative year, no one should be statistically surprised about that, from time to time, eh?
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