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Discrepancy on YTD Performance at Lipper?

edited January 23 in Other Investing
Occasionally Lipper has 2 different YTD numbers displayed for a given fund. As it seems to pertain more to those that pay dividends, I’m guessing one number is the NAV YTD and the other (better) number includes interest or dividends. Correct?

Here’s a link to the Lipper page for DFND. The initial YTD return is -9.30%. But if you pull up the “performance” page, the YTD is somewhat better at -9.09%.


  • shows -7.22 Nav -7.39
  • edited January 23
    Thanks @Derf.

    Helpful. I don’t own this one but have followed it several months. Some “defend”. Down 7- 9% YTD. And just when you need it!

    As a general principal I think I had the discrepancy explained correctly. I’ve run other funds through and they line up with the Lipper numbers.
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