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  • I'll be following this new fund...currently own DODFX and CIVVX. Causeway is manged by seasoned PM's who stick to their Style (good thing!?!?).
  • Cole Smead was interviewed Wednesday on CNBC where he alluded to this new fund. He specifically endorsed Porsche, VW, and BMW.
  • It appeared that international value funds are leading their growth counterparts this year. They trail growth style for over 10 years. Will they persist in the near term?
  • edited January 2022
    The Smead Value Fund has performed very well in the Large Value category.
    It will interesting to see if Smead Capital can produce similar results in the International Value category.
    When Smead Capital was headquartered in Seattle, Bill Smead was a regular guest on a local PBS business/finance program (2008 - 2011?).
    Mr. Smead was very articulate and his investment philosophy resonated with me.
    However, I could not get past Smead Value Fund's high expense ratio so I didn't invest in it.
    In retrospect, perhaps I should have taken the plunge?
  • From what I can determine, SVXAX is NL NTF at Schwab, but not available to MI residents. SVXFX is NL with a TF. No availability at TDA, it seems. Maybe availability will change if AUM increase.
  • Yes, no load and no fee at Schwab. I just made an order. 1.42 ER is a higher than I like, but Smead has proved to me to be a manger worth the fee and a good investment. We shall see if the domestic success transfers to international as well.
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