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Just one day, but more "red" than I've seen for awhile.....



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    I still like the p/ms. Plunked a bit more in OPGSX today. Turkey fell over 7% yesterday alone. Maybe the Fed can help.:)
  • I'm going the other way, to each his own.
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    Purely an observation of the early day numbers, nothing more. Traditional equity areas are so-so after recent positive runs............BUT, commodities getting the big face slap at this time.....8:30 AM, EST.; reportedly based on poor China economic data.
    U.S. Treasury issues find a more traditional role of "safety".


    Remain curious,
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    Readers should be aware that any prior comments to Catch’s most recent one by myself & others are more than 2 months old. I actually skimmed some profits from miners last week - not enough it appears!

    Edit: A few things are doing OK. ARKK was up slightly today at last look. Sharp rebound past month. Hard to tell how much of its gain is based on fundamentals and how much is just the proverbial elephant chasing its tail. Some consumers staples are holding up OK this morning,
  • Perhaps we should start a new tread as a continuation of this timely discussion.
  • Hi @Sven
    Anyone is welcome to start a new, related thread.
    The pre-market substantial "red" for the commodities area is the reason for adding to this thread.
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    +1 @Catch22 / No problem with continuing this one. Just that readers should check dates of earlier posts …

    I do have a small hold in one large mining company. A lot of industrial metals including iron ore. And it was clear from the action in Asia last night that it would take a hit today. Actually, diversified miners are one good economic indicator to watch, as demand would fall off going into a recession …
  • "...commodities getting the big face slap at this time..."
    YUP. With the Markets mostly, up, my ET is DOWN today. Big giant doggy poopies. It's a MIDSTREAM outfit, not directly into E&P. They DID just sign an agreement with the Chinese, supposedly to their mutual benefit.
  • edited August 2022
    Crash said:

    "...commodities getting the big face slap at this time..."
    YUP. With the Markets mostly, up, my ET is DOWN today. Big giant doggy poopies. It's a MIDSTREAM outfit, not directly into E&P. They DID just sign an agreement with the Chinese, supposedly to their mutual benefit.

    The sale and purchase agreement in June with China gas gave me the impression that ET is exposed to commodity price more directly than just as a midstream company. I do not own ET and so I did not delve into the details but it put me on notice that some midstream companies could have operations beyond pure midstream activities generally associated with transport and storage.

    P.S.: Disclosure - I own MMP.
  • @BaluBalu. Thank you. I just learned some new stuff. Anyhow, generally speaking ET has done better than OK for me..... so far.
  • edited August 2022

    Only area I track that held up is consumers staples. Non-dollar assets got clocked. So did investment grade bonds. I don’t track HY - but can’t imagine they did any better. Oil was up early but fell back. Miners of all variety, including pm, got whacked really hard. And the frosting on everything was a smallish tech wreck.

    One possible cause is a lot of Fed-Speak (some of it conflicting) in recent days, Larry Summers, on Bloomberg Wall Street Week will say this evening (first show is 6 PM) that the Fed hasn’t a clue what they’re doing. But I suspect you don’t need to be a genius like Larry to know that.:)
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    Implicit in the comment that "the Fed hasn’t a clue what they’re doing" is the suggestion that someone else does have the answers. I really doubt that.
  • beebee
    edited August 2022
    The OP was December 2021 by @catch22. Using his EFT Global link we can see a lot has happened that is still red and only a few buys recommendations. Interestingly India stand out as global standout (beyond US equities).


    Some funds that seems to be steaming along:
    VUIAX (VPU)...not a bad short and long term total return (results below are for VUIAX)
  • edited August 2022
    Yes, big stinky doggy poopies today. 19th Aug, '22. Just one day, yes. But this guy's portfolio is down -0.99%. PRISX financials got slammed the worst. TRAMX has fallen hard, the past 2 days. Africa/Middle East.

    DIVIDEND today from ET. No donuts for anyone, however. The booger took it right back. At some point, I hope the management will stop MANAGING debt and start REDUCING debt. But I've been happy with it. BHB and PSTL down also. Those are still my only (3) single-stocks. ......I'll be watching for WSW. Always worth my time. Apart from Summers. Even when he's RIGHT, it's too boring to matter. Eh? Time for some whiskey in the shade. Another hot one, today. Jalapenos growing. Caladium thriving. Planted Serrano Peppers. And nasturtiums. Ah, the week-end. ...




  • edited August 2022
    Hi folks
    What think about sp500 level around 12.25.2022
    ?? 4550 to 4650??

    So many bad things may go against this market -

    Covid resurgence in Usa
    Europe issues and energy supplies in winter/commodity issues with Ukrain
    Lack of supplies
    Feds bipolar response to market
    China housing and economic concerns/china c19 policies/shutdown
    Recession world/Usa economy

    Sp500 Sideways consolidation stagnation, recession/downward spirals or moonshots +7 10%?

    Thankyou for any suggestion
  • edited August 2022
    ARKK is now down more than 60% for 1 year. Fell 5.92% today to close at $44.69 and than dropped about 30-cents more in after-market trading tonight, ending the week at $44.38

    Just listened to Wall Street Week’s opening 20 minutes. Two knowledgeable dudes to lead it off, Ed Hyman of Evercore and Bob Prince from Bridgewater, As far as the quagmire into which they see things devolving … “We’ve Only Just Begun” might be the song of the day.
  • Hi @bee
    Thanks for equity performance image.
    I'll add here, the global etf link that was in the first post of this thread.

    Global etf's, multi-sectors, active real time changes through a trading day, as well as, closing performance data. The "opinion" column is based upon technical aspects. There are numerous other areas at this page to "click/select" for other info.

    Remain curious,
  • edited August 2022
    Old_Joe said:

    Implicit in the comment that "the Fed hasn’t a clue what they’re doing" is the suggestion that someone else does have the answers. I really doubt that.

    “The blind leading the blind?” Gosh, things are worse off than I imagined.:)

  • In an interview with the WSJ, the Fed's James Bullard said that at next month's Federal Open Market Committee meeting he would lean towards voting for a 75 basis point rate hike. "He isn't ready to say that inflation has peaked and it remains important for the Fed to get its target rate to a range of 3.75% to 4% by year-end." To get price pressures back to the Fed's 2% target will take about 18 months. "The idea that inflation has peaked is, is a hope, but it's not statistically really in the data at this point," Mr. Bullard said.

    In a separate appearance, the Fed's Neel Kashkari reiterated that cutting interest rates in the next six to nine months isn't realistic. He expects the Fed to "raise rates to some point and then we will sit there until we get convinced that inflation is well on its way back down to 2%."

    Sorry, but it looks like the market is getting ahead of itself. If the Fed stands by its plans, the markets could experience some tough times down the road.
  • edited August 2022
    May I humbly suggest that if one only bought equities when public sentiment was highly positive and typically sold when public sentiment (including that of TV gurus) had grown pessimistic he’d have a lot less money.
  • edited August 2022
    @hank -

    Thankyou sir

    Been buying more indexes since past two months/ hope catch bottom. Very difficult time the market.... did not change distributions and did not sell last 9 months

    One guru smartly stated *buy when blood on the street* that person maybe right long term 12 24 36 months after

  • edited August 2022
    I’m not sure “thanks” are deserved here … @JohnN.

    Generally, I’d stick with a diversified long-term portfolio. What I’d argue against is trying too hard to “read the tea leaves” and making big changes (ie buying / selling) depending on what you think is going to happen (next week, next month, 6 months out etc.) Easy to get caught flat-footed. Some may have sold near the recent lows and than been caught off guard when the market suddenly turned around and jumped 15-20% in just a month or two.

    “Buying down” is dangerous. I still try occasionally. Best way is go slow. Put a set dollar amount into something and watch it. If it falls 5-10%, maybe buy a little more. Not for everyone, Buffett references “blood in the streets”. (Actually, it was Rothschild - my bad) Not all agree with that. Hard to know how much blood will flow and when it will stop flowing.

    I corrected earlier incorrect reference to Buffett.
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