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Merry Christmas

Howdy folks,

It's that time of year. The ad is only 5 sec. and turn up the volume.

Have some great holidays and stay safe and check for any last minute tax sales.

and wear the damn mask,



  • @rono : I checked it out on UTUBE & Santa doesn't have his mask on !!
  • Well, I guess the Warner Music Group doesn't appreciate rono's annual Christmas greeting.
  • But the snow is real. Just came in from blowing our second dumping.
  • edited December 2021
    YouTube version of rono's message.
  • Howdy,

    Never had them do that. Geez, it even worked on my fb page. Try this:


  • edited December 2021
    Paul Simon Getting Ready for Christmas Day

    This is the first single from Paul Simon's twelfth studio album, So Beautiful Or So What. The song premiered on National Public Radio on November 16, 2010.

    The song is about an uncle wondering about the fate of his nephew, who is serving his third tour of duty in Iraq. It is built around a sample recorded in 1941 of the last sermon by pre-war American Christian preacher and gospel singer, Reverend J.M. Gates.

    Um...Turn it UP!.

  • ???? I'll play the Grinch ! Why wasn't this posted in OT.
    Someone could have mentioned Christmas rally. Maybe only coal this year ?
  • How does one play coal futures, @Derf? By making a contribution to Senator Manchin at the same time as your bet? Sick the OT police on all and sundry!
  • @BenWP : Good one !
  • edited December 2021
    Merry Christmas to all, regardless.:). Great tune!
  • edited December 2021
    Derf said:

    I'll play the Grinch ! Why wasn't this posted in OT?

    I vote … Coal for @Derf / Gold for @rono

    Similar to a blocking foul being called in BB, if the defender was already in position when the ball carrier arrived at that spot, there’s no foul. Rono’s been posting this Merry XMas video for the enjoyment of MFO readers (and earlier FA readers) in the investing section for at least 15 years. He already had position.

    So, in this case … No foul

    (PS - Just a reminder everyone that the December Commentary is posted at the top of the board.)

  • @hank : Okay I'll pick up the flag. 15 years ? My how time flys !
  • Howdy folks,

    @Derf is right about proper posting. I am guilty as charged. As for 15 years? Hell, I don't know. I've been posting here as long as this board has existed because it sort of evolved out of at least two previous boards devoted to mutual fund investing [the debt we all owe to Roy and Salil is enormous]. Salil and his predecessor evolved out of the UseNetNews group - Mutualfundinvesting. Oh, and for the history buffs, the newsgroup was unmoderated and could get very nasty with trolls and flame wars. That was before the world wide web (WWW) was invented and the internet was pretty wild west.

    and all y'all have some great holidays and wear the damn mask,

  • Howdy all,

    oh and @Derf, I really wanted to post it on every one of the boards just to make sure all the peeps got it. Not everyone reads OT. I figured if I posted it on the FD board, it'd get throttled so I settled for OI Yeah, I cheated.


  • edited December 2021
    Derf said:

    Okay I'll pick up the flag …

  • @rono’s post of the video is timeless and welcome. A great tradition in our household ended a few years back when David Letterman did his last Christmas show featuring Darlene Love’s 28th appearance singing this Phil Spector classic:

  • Another beauty. Thanks @BenWP
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