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REMIX lost -5% today



  • @BaluBalu, do you mean JHQAX? If so it's one of my favorites in the alternative field. A low volatility steady-eddie fund. Available at Schwab NTF.
  • edited December 2021
    JPMorgan Hedged Equity Fund (JHQAX)

    Effective as of the close of business on March 12, 2021 (the “Closing Date”), the JPMorgan Hedged Equity Fund (the “Fund”) became offered on a limited basis and investors are not eligible to purchase shares of the Fund, except as described below. In addition, both before and after the Closing Date, the Fund may from time to time, in its sole discretion based on the Fund’s net asset levels and other factors, limit new purchases into the Fund or otherwise modify the closure policy at any time on a case-by-case basis.

    There are two other JPMorgan Hedged Equity funds which are still open to new investors.
  • GTTMX can be interesting alternative in this category.
  • edited December 2021
    Sorry everybody, I meant JHQAX, as you guessed. @MikeM and @Yogibearbull, it is not available to new investors at Schwab - I tried to place the trade and got rejected.

    GTTMX is a Target Date fund. As with many of them, it is a fund of funds.

    @Observant1, Thank you.
  • JEPI is an etf clone.
  • edited December 2021
    Thanks @MikeM2. JEPI does not appear to be a clone in performance, strategy, yield or how M* classifies it. But it is interesting enough that I have added it to my home work. Thanks.
  • JEPI is a clone of JEPIX.
  • Big miss on my part; my bad. It IS an interesting etf.

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