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Far Out

edited October 2021 in Other Investing
Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (Morningstar)

Fund Description (Lipper): “The Fund seeks to track the performance of the Ball Metaverse Index. The Index is composed of globally-listed equity securities of companies that engage in activities or provide products, services, technologies, or technological capabilities to enable the Metaverse, and benefit from its generated revenues.”

Metaverse (Wikipedia):- “The word "Metaverse" is made up of the prefix "meta" (meaning beyond) and the stem "verse" (a back-formation from "universe"); the term is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the Internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe. The metaverse in a broader sense may not only refer to virtual worlds, but Internet as a whole, including the entire spectrum of augmented reality.”


  • beebee
    edited February 3
    We will be the last Carbons standing. Actually, I have never met any of you.

    Some of us carbons may already be silicon.

    Here's META's holdings:
  • Do big techs like these provide the innovation necessary for leaps to future tech or are they too invested in their lead in todays aging tech with its lucrative ads and subscriptions?
  • beebee
    edited October 2021
    @Anna, Where is IBM I wonder (article below asked this question 10 years ago...Article date is 2011)?


    They are somewhere still:


    Sept 30th 2021 ibm-kyndryl-spin-off/

    Even the IBM Employee Credit Union has morphed into "Intelligent - Thinking" (iThink):
  • edited October 2021
    @bee - Not really important and I just realized that my comment disrupts the discussion started by the OP but didn't IBM gradually become a lagging follower and not a leading innovator?
  • @Anna

    The behemoths will buy out the legit start ups etc

    Think FB, MSFT, CRM, INTC...all have bought complimentary companies and brought them into their portfolio...

    They will have the cash flow to continue on as a going concern despite the ever changing distruptive technology. They can fund their internal R&D and reach out into other areas to disrupt...think AMZN...


    Baseball Fan
  • You are both right, of course, and I didn't mean to imply the lineup wasn't a potential winner. Thanks.

  • In other words, an ETF to 'play' Zuckerburg's idea and buzzword. Whoop-de-frickin-do......
  • Here's the index methodology statement. Lots of buzzwords like "Expert Council", "deep domain knowledge", "immersive", "fiat on-ramps", etc. Proprietary of course.
  • edited October 2021
    Some potentially worrisome thoughts …

    - Could Zukerberg someday control the universe through this augmented reality?

    - Would an augmented reality “Big Mac” taste as good as the real thing? (If it could be made 0 calorie I might buy one.)

    Also - Elon Musk, arguably one of the smartest visionaries alive, has been warning about the dangers of AI for several years now.

    2018 Article
  • At the moment I could use a good dose of deaugmented reality.
  • @Old_Joe Have a drink , your choice !
  • edited October 2021
    Here’s another “Far Out” fund.

    UFO has soared 43% over the past year. As the handle suggests it invests in space related technology.

    From Lipper:

    (UFO) seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance of the S-Network Space Index. The Fund uses a passive investment approach and invests in its Underlying Index which tracks a portfolio of companies engaged in space-related businesses, including those companies utilizing satellite technology.

    Inception April 2019

    ER 0.75%
  • These types of investments are alien to me!
  • edited October 2021
    I’m looking for an entry point.
  • edited October 2021
    From Saturday’s WSJ - Meta Who? :)

    “A Canadian company’s stock surged recently. Investors apparently confused it for the rebranded Facebook. Shares of Meta Materials Inc., a material-science company with the ticker symbol MMAT, rose 8% over the past two days. While Meta Materials appears to have little relation to Facebook Inc., it soon will have a similar corporate name.”
  • edited October 2021
    Last year the SEC temporarily suspended trading of Zoom Technologies (ZOOM) partly because investors were confusing it with Zoom Video (ZM). Zoom Technologies also had not publicly disclosed any financial information since 2015.

  • By the way, three of the funds in registration are metaversary. One is literally the Metaverse ETF. One is the Clockwise ETF which urges us to embrace “5G enabled opportunistic investing,” which “focuses on the meaning of time.” The Green Alpha ETF invests in companies solving "major systemic risks including, but not limited to climate change, resource degradation and scarcity, and widening inequality and the resulting erosion of social cohesion." The Erosion of Social Cohesion Fund. Has a ring to it.
  • edited February 3
    Thought it worth resurrecting this thread on a day with Meta Platforms (previously Facebook) down more than 20%. (At 10:30 AM Bloomberg had it down 24% for the day.) The etf “META” doesn’t surface on Lipper (for me anyway) but M* shows it down about 19% YTD. That’s better than ARKK, which is still down over 25% YTD.

    Story from Reuters
  • The Zuck sucks it all, at any rate. Among the companies I love to hate. Give me good old fashioned profitable manufacturing. And newfangled green energy. and a supermarket or two. And a good bond fund. BOOM, my desired portfolio. At least that's how it feels this morning.
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