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I Just Sold 2 Bond Funds. WCPNX and OSTRX. Im Looking For a Low Risk Fund To Invest This Money In, Or Would I be Better Off Just Buying a Short Duration Bond Fund. Im Looking For Saftey Of Principle,


  • I like WCPNX, would have held that versus the alt investments you refer to. That said, I think both are good choices in the space and you could buy each as they do not move in tandem.
  • I use TMSRX as an alt, and watchlist BAMBX, MERFX, ARBIX, MNWAX. ARBIX would be my next choice based on its consistency and risk profile. I did like the write up on BAMBX, thanks for sharing!
    My major remaining bond holding is GIBLX, keeping as a ballast holding. It is rate sensitive, with its high quality bonds. I have a smaller long term position in PIMIX, and considering selling to reduce risk and adding to the alt bucket.
    Best of luck,
  • edited October 2021
    Had given up on many of the funds listed in this string. But I stayed with HMEZX, despite Nexpoint having a questionable partner history (via Highland Capital - J. Dondero). It is a red flag for many.

    But HMEZX has been a solid "steady eddy" performer. Returns are bond-like, and it has outperformed other merger-arb funds. If not for that 1 red flag, I would own a lot more.

    Another interesting vehicle is HRSTX, which converted a few years back to an options-based fund. Very steady, with great performance during negative market periods since its 2018 conversion.
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