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Wealthtrack - Weekly Investment Show



  • Re: Small Cap Funds...I've been buying DSCPX lately. I own both of the Bridgeway Small Cap Funds in two separate accounts. Other SC funds I own MSCFX, BCSIX...
  • Oct 23rd Episode:

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    Any insights from this week’s wealth track or is it good?
  • beebee
    edited October 2021
  • Full Episode Oct 30, 2021:

  • Nov 6th Episode:

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    Don’t know when Micheal Kass’s interview was made. Seemed to be dated and overly bullish on China in light of what is happening this year. Good insight in November’s commentaries from Professor Snowball and Lynn Bolin.
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    The Bob Doll interview left me feeling that he's an expert at waffling. I'm all for faith and values, as long as we're not including fundamentalism. She tried to get him to be more specific, and he would not go there. Which "family values?" Ork? Evangelical stuff? Liberal stuff? Jewish stuff? Buddhist stuff? Shinto stuff? How do you make Crossmark DISTINCT, then?

    Doll has a great reputation. But I wouldn't go near Crossmark.
    I wouldn't go near the Timothy Funds, either, but they sound a lot more definite as to what they are about.

  • Waffling is a nice way to say being evasive . I got the same feeling that Doll talked around the subject without giving details on his strategies. One thing for sure that performance does not guarantee future outcomes.
  • beebee
    edited November 2021
    Nov 13 Episode:

    "Middle America is the new Emerging Market"

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    Good episode; especially good for some counterpoints to conventional wisdom. Nancy L. is one of the macro guests of Consuelo's I most look forward to hearing.

    I was surprised by the capex figures she cites, and others may be surprised by the inflation and rate outlook. If she's pretty much right on the overall thesis, it sure seems positive for the U.S.
  • edited November 2021
    Ms. Lazar definitely thinks outside the box.
    Her capex and inflation projections surprised me.
    Time will tell whether this comes to fruition, but her thesis is thought-provoking nonetheless.
  • Very insightful for sure. I went back to view her YouTube interviews in the last 10 years and they are consistently informative. Toward the end she picked Cathy Woods’s ETF, AKKK as an example of innovation that drive this economy.
  • edited November 2021
    Yes, that was a good interview.
  • I think Nancy picked ARKK when asked to share an investing idea that reflects her prognosis. She obviously was reacting to the question. I am inferring her answer to mean the category “US mid cap growth funds” and let listeners figure out which fund in that category suits their temperament.
  • She mentioned US manufacturing companies located in midwest region. That could be many…
  • beebee
    edited November 2021
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    This week’s guest manages SBLGX
  • beebee
    edited December 2021
    Nov 27th Episode:

    Part 2 - Nov 30th

  • @bee, with my inept search skills, the last post I see from you is on Dec 2. I hope all is well. I enjoy the wealthtrack episodes you post. Seems like we missed the last one. Please restart them.
  • edited December 2021
    Thanks @bee. I was more concerned about you. I did watch it but always nice to have MFO be the one stop shop for my financial literacy.
  • beebee
    edited December 2021
    Dec 18 Episode:

    GM's Subscription Base Service:
  • edited December 2021
    Thanks @bee.
  • It was a very good interview. Thanks.
  • Jan 7th 2022 Episode:

  • Bitcoin? Naw. Just... Naw. But I love to see you continue to post these, @bee.
  • Jan 14th Episode:

  • beebee
    edited January 2022
    Christine Benz's withdrawal suggestion (3%, rather than 4%)...3.3% to be precise... has a lot to do with future expectation of portfolio returns during the next 30 years. To me it really has more to do with future expectation over the next five years and next year, it will be about the next five years. In my 60's I am looking at a rolling five year withdrawal strategy when it come to retirement income from my retirement investments.

    Retirement Income is more about providing an income floor rather than an income ceiling. If you spend some time prior to retirement determining your income floor (basic expenses) and than determine where you will derive this income from, you find yourself forming a pecking order of income sources.

    Full time income will end and will need to be replaced with other sources of income such as - SS, pension, part time work, passive income from rental investments, investment income, etc.

    Fine tune your basic expenses. You have the time (in retirement) to shop what things cost...this might help lower your income floor. Shop your monthly expenses (cable, phone, internet, insurances, etc.) for the best service at the best price. Shop those larger one-time purchases (a car, setting up your workshop, taking a vacation, etc.)

    it was prudent to keep 3-6 months of emergency cash on hand in case work income got interrupted. In retirement, keep this same cash on hand for market interruptions or emergencies (such as unexpected health care costs).

    If part of your income in retirement come from your investments, match the time horizon of your income need with the time horizon of the investment so you have a better chance of achieving your investment objective.

    Equities need 5 - 15 years to smooth out the volatility inherit to its asset risk. If, in retirement you need some of your investments for income, you should have "a rolling 5 year income strategy" for some of your retirement money that is less risky... less volatile.

    Using Christine's safe withdrawal rate (3.3% of your total investment portfolio) you can approximate what your can afford to spend and how much you should keep safely invested for withdrawal purposes to fund the next 3-5 years of withdrawals.

    Would love to hear how others view this topic.
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