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CRDBX - Conquer Risk Defensive Bull fund

CRDBX Conquer Risk Defensive Bull fund - interesting new vehicle, in that it shifts over to Cash on occasion. You can see that if you look at a chart. It is run by a Fund Mgr who focuses on quant trading systems.

Its available at FIDO, but with a $50 TF. When not in cash, its very volatile and it generates higher returns. Will that really continue is the $100M question.

I'll stick with the much more boring CTFAX fund for my "thermostat" holding, but CRDBX could be fun for a small allocation. It goes on my watchlist.


  • I would consider this investing strategy if it was an etf;however, with $50 tf and 5k minimum investment,not at this time.
  • ER seems a tad high also !
  • For the loves of all that's holy, this is not a fund worth investing in and paying 2% ER for the privilege. It currently ONLY holds a 60/40 split between the Vanguard 500 ETF and ProShares UltraPro S&P500 .... pretty much any investor could do the same thing for free.
  • edited July 25
    Given that this fund holds leveraged ETFs amplifying exposure 3X the S&P 500, I don’t find it particularly defensive. I imagine the goal is to get out of them in time during market slides. Be careful.
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