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3 big charts from the June jobs report (FWIW) Short read


  • Link didn't work for me. Took me to my email and indicated that the message was no longer available?
  • Weird or not ! I clicked on the link & up it came. Now on the other hand I've received the message you received while clicking on other links.
    Stay Kool, Derf
  • @Derf- Same problem here, except link to me to AT&T email login. AT&T, oddly enough, uses Yahoo to provide email service.

    I'm thinking that "" link of yours is just a general address to access Yahoo email, which would explain the situation.

    OJ is correct - the link is to each individual's email. I suspect that if Derf logged out of Yahoo and then followed the link, the system would prompt for a login.
  • @Old_Joe & @msf : I logged off my email , clicked on link from msf & up pops the article . Also I did note that I'm embedded somehow to that linked article I presented.
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