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Newsmax settles with Dominion

In a Friday afternoon statement, Newsmax acknowledged it had broadcast voter fraud claims against Coomer and admitted there’s no evidence any of them were true.
Also the lawyer of Coomer (CEO of Dominion) said that a financial settlement was reached and the terms ($ amount) was not disclosed. His life was physically threaten and went into hiding to protect his family. This is a separate lawsuit from the company, Dominion Voting System that is on-going. Smartmatic is the other company who provides voting machines across the nation and they have launched their lawsuits in parallel to Dominion.


  • Seems like the threat of actually holding the right wing financially responsible for the crap that they love to come up with may be working. Sidney Powell's latest blather is just priceless. Here's a "lawyer" claiming that she can say anything she wants, no matter how false or harmful, as long as it's so ridiculous that “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact”. My god... these people have absolutely no shame at all.
  • edited May 2021
    At what point does this kind of BS become criminal? Intentionally sowing distrust in the election process. Seeking to illegally influence the election result by suppressing voting while at the same time causing some to try and overthrow the results by violent means?
  • Agree, yes; money is what will speak the loudest with these type of folks. The outright lies are another story; but dollar kill them into the ground of poverty. Ruin and wreck their sorry arse to "no where land". Yes, @hank ; criminal is in this mix, too. And yes, @Old_Joe , aside from the money cost to her, I would consider a public square flogging or such would be acceptable; and/or force her to view, over and over; Mr. Mussolini (Trump look alike), his mistress and gang members hanging by their feet in Milan.
    One would also hope the attorneys are disbarred from practice; except perhaps to a South American or similar autocracy.
  • Sidney Powell Is fighting disbarment in the state of Michigan due to violation of code of ethics. In addition, she will face the defamation lawsuits from Dominion and Smartmatics. Each lawsuit is asking over $1 billion in damages. These lies can potentially cause material damages, i.e. loss of business. There are other people names from the lawsuits as well.
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