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Why the S&P 500’s bull-market run probably is only getting started

Why the S&P 500’s bull-market run probably is only getting started

*It’s been a year since the pandemic first blindsided the U.S., turning many jobs, forms of schooling and ways of socializing into stay-at-home events.

But it’s only about 11 months since the new bull market for the S&P 500 started.*

With the c19 appears improved, unemployment data stabilize, housing also stabilize, hope for brighter future and sustainable bull market


  • I agree with this scenario. My wave analysis is pointing to the SPX at 4300 later this year. Perhaps as early as May. This is nothing more than a healthy to be expected correction. It has absolutely nothing to do with interest rates, as history has shown countless times that rates and stocks often rise in unison.

    SPX 3550-3600 is my next buy zone.

  • p/e plateau of like 45-50? do you think SP500 4300 would represent reasonable or even high-reasonable valuation?
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