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Health Sector Funds: FSPHX vs FSMEX and others



  • Thanks catch. I will indeed call Fidelity this coming week to confirm the 10k threshold. Thanks again.
  • Not to hijack the Fidelity Select medical fund theme which I have some positions in, but I've been watching PDFDX which was originally a US based microcap fund now a small cap biotech fund. Still pricey, but the fund is gathering AUM.
  • Ignoring the ER and Transaction fee for a moment... and looking at the performance... how is that fund a 3 star M* fund? Wow. Interesting fund. Good share Shadow.
  • edited February 2021
    Fund has been around for years but has had a lackluster performance. Fund changed its investment style from domestic micro cap fund to predominately health/biotech micro/small cap fund.

    Website states that management would close the fund when it gathers $100m in assets.
  • Finally traded FSPHX for FSMEX - long term conviction move. @TheShadow I checked back on PDFDX and sure enough it's up 22.81 for the year vs. FSMEX 12.25. It has performed very well since you mentioned it.
  • @JonGaltIII

    PDFDX is sketchy at best. The fund has been around for many years. It previously invested in micro cap stocks; now it invests in micro cap health & biotech companies.

    Caveat Emptor...
  • I agree with TheShadow that PDFDX is sketchy at best. It trails its benchmark and category by more than a little. Be careful out there.
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