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Bullish investors pull $105bn from US money market funds in four weeks$105bn+from+US+money+market+funds+in+four+weeks&oq=Bullish+investors+pull+$105bn+from+US+money+market+funds+in+four+weeks&aqs=chrome..69i57.2263j0j7&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Bullish investors pull $105bn from US money market funds in four weeks

Investors and companies have started to redeploy the record amounts of cash they stashed in ultra-safe money market funds at the height of the Covid-19 turmoil, eager not to miss out on a rapid recovery in riskier assets.

Bull market continues?


  • Market down a good 4% at noon on Wednesday on news of more outbreaks. Extraordinary Popular Delusion #2,368: just because I wish it to be so doesn't make it necessarily so.
  • "But, but, but, the Fed and a "V" shaped recovery could make the bad things turn invisible, just like magic."

    "Investor enthusiasm is pinned to two ideas. First, are hopes for a "V" shaped recovery in the economy as championed by Morgan Stanley (MS). Second, is a belief that the Federal Reserve has as much magic monetary potion as needed to pump up stocks despite all-time over-valuations.

    .... investors must be very wary of high unemployment. As the unemployed begin to fall behind on bills, they are apt to turn to cashing in their retirement plans, which in turn leads to forced selling of stocks. Economic indicators are flashing red alert danger signals. Investor Will Robinson does not seem to care."

    "Morgan Stanley is leading the charge for a "V" shaped economic recovery. Multiple billionaire investors, major business owners and corporate executives say otherwise."

    Choose your poison thoughtfully.
  • 95% of advisors we discussed our plans with several months ago [fidelity, vanguard. schwab] strongly recommended heavy stocks/MF based-stocks portfolio, unless you are near retirement.
  • Define several. It's gotten upstaged lately.
  • edited June 2020
    Hi sir @Mark: Early April after the flash crash
    Heavy commissions fees definitely drives the brokerage firms
  • Talked with Fidelity and Schwab awhile back and we decided they are not appropriate for our family on many fronts. Have anyone experience with Schwab's robo advisory?
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