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Trump and china news..

edited May 2020 in Other Investing

Trump asks board of federal retirement plan to not invest in China, setting up showdown

Eric Yoder, The Washington Post Published 11:05 am PDT, Tuesday, May 12, 2020

/the Trump administration has asked the board that runs the retirement savings program for federal employees and military personnel to not invest in Chinese businesses, ratcheting up the dispute into a potential showdown over who ultimately runs the program./

Not sure if trump correct, likely not long term imho
We are still 20-25s% invest w EM and China. I Dont trust Trump China nor Russians. I do believe EEM and Russian markets are cheap now and maybe heading much higher 3 - 5 yrs from now regardless of whom will be next POTUS...Wonder why trump did not boycott Russians

Any thoughts?


  • I think 45 should stick with what he knows which is diddley squat.
  • Does everything have to be politicized? The TSP? Good grief!!! Why can't they/he leave other people's money alone?
  • edited May 2020
    Boycotting is a legitimate tool. Just like what we all did in opposition to the old South African gummint. The current apartheid Israeli regime is doing everything it can to fight THAT, too. (And many State governments here, even. Utterly unconstitutional.) But @Mark is utterly correct, above. If The Trumpster's opponents in November are a rock, a cinder-block and a pile of sludge, I'll choose from among those three. They'd all be smarter than Trump, and less harmful, all told.
  • We should not sell them our debt either. They are stupid, buying the most expensive paper.
  • Hi @kings53man et al

    A quick look at a plain, active managed long term Treasury fund, being VUSTX vs SP500 starting at Jan. 1999, which includes all distributions.

    So for China, Japan and the many others who hold our U.S. Treasury debt, they don't cry often from their holdings returns over the long term and likely don't feel stupid.


  • How much China is represented in these funds/indices anyway? It can't be that much, but I guess Boss Tweety needs something new to distract from his ongoing flailing & failing these days, so .....
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