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  • Sorry, that headline makes utterly no sense. Someone needs to go back to school. OK... I see it, now. Someone STILL needs to go back to school. This is Journalism? There must be 800 better ways to express that.
  • Much ado about nothing. This isn't even worth the writer's--- nor the reader's--- time. There's no story here. The Orange Abortion is certifiably narcissistic, misguided, childish, anti-learning. Surely, his father BOUGHT him his Wharton undergrad degree. Or else he had his diploma printed up by an expert forger on Recto Avenue in Manila.

  • In fairness, Moscow Mitch made similar statements earlier in the week, which Tweety Amin decided to run with.

    Despicable, any way you look at them.
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    My impression of Trumpsters is they believe him no matter what he says and the more evidence shown to them of his lies, the more they dig in their heels. It's no suprise that some of the most religious members of our populace are his most ardent supporters. His administration is a cult of personality and religious faith is the evidence of things not seen, which in his case is everything he claims he and his opposition are doing. The interesting thing is that one consistent theme of fascist states is not whether they're leftwing or rightwing. It's that cult of personality, of the strongman leader who can do no wrong and all opposition is silenced.
  • Sound like the rise of Adolf Hilter and the third Reich.
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    @LewisBraham, @Sven - Correct. I Liked this from todays Washington Post and unlike 45 I fail to see the problem. Quite possibly the only true thing I've ever heard him sputter.

    "In an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Monday, Mr. Trump summarily dismissed a Democratic-led push for reforms — such as vote-by-mail, same-day registration and early voting — that were part of the negotiations over the recently enacted covid-19 pandemic relief package. “The things they had in there were crazy. They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” he said."

    A president should want all Americans to vote. Why doesn’t Trump?
  • @Lewis- As I commented over in the "The Thing That Must Be Driving Trump Crazy" thread:
    If it doesn't flatter our legendary best-ever in the history of the US president, it's just a fake fact, no matter how strong the evidence to the contrary. You've got testimony? You've got records? You've got video? Sorry... all fake, obviously.

    Very interesting to see your comments on the parallels with religious faith and cults. I was wondering if it was only me that felt that.
  • @Old_Joe Yeah, the parallels with religion are all-too-real:
    When I first heard that 80% of evangelicals support him despite his frequently ungodly behavior, it became evident that something was seriously wrong.
  • I've heard it said that many of the evangelicals believe that it is their God's will that we are being tested with this pestilence and that he will save us. You will not move them off that insanity.
  • Evidently it's also "God's will" that we are being tested with the pestilence called "Trump".
  • It's not just you....
    Old_Joe said:

    Very interesting to see your comments on the parallels with religious faith and cults. I was wondering if it was only me that felt that.

  • And yet the story underlying the support is also interesting:
    The numbers of evangelicals and Christians in general are shrinking. I think the younger generation even if they're believers are fed up with a lot of the nonsense that emerges from some of these religious institutions. The reason we have who we have in charge is young people too often fail to vote.
  • Sven said:

    Sound like the rise of Adolf Hilter and the third Reich.

    "I alone can fix it." Quite right!

  • "Very interesting to see your comments on the parallels with religious faith and cults. I was wondering if it was only me that felt that."

    I'm still religious, but not as spelled out in the creed recited together on Sunday mornings. The laity take it all too literally. It's a litmus-test that was tainted by politics since the days of Constantine. I can say this now, in retirement, without getting my head chopped off: USA evangelicalism pushes the need and even necessity to "come to Christ." They marry the cross and the flag. Even theologically educated evangelicals, or at least those who "know" their bible.... Really? Don't give me that junk about all of those quotations printed in red coming straight from the mouth of Jesus. It's not, strictly speaking, a biography you've got there, between the front and back covers. The writers of scripture--- both "old" and "new" were true authors, with their own portraits of key persons in mind, with theological agendas of their own, using their own genuine creativity, too.

    It's a sorry sight to see those big numbers of evangelicals supporting the Child Donald. What it tells me is that their own political agendas are divorced from the gospel message, AND divorced from the public statements even of some evangelical denominations. Their own private agendas, then, are more important to them than the "faith" they profess. And if your religion doesn't drive your priorities and decisions about important issues, then it's just a hobby. But they'll never admit that--- using the same sort of "logic" spelled-out further up in this thread.
  • @OJ - 45 was the pestilence of which I spoke but you can include the coronavirus as well.
  • edited April 2020
    Herein lies one of the biggest fools, Jerry Falwell Jr., and the foolishness you are dealing with.

    Liberty University Brings Back Its Students, and Coronavirus Fears, Too

    And Politico had this to say: ‘He’s Going to Do Whatever He Wants’
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