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ostrx fund

morningstar says its a non-traditional bond fund and lipper says its a core bond fund. who is correct? im looking for a low risk fund to invest money that has been sitting in a checking account earning zero.


  • M* is more correct. Look at their (site).
    Investment-grade, U.S. dollar-based, absolute return-oriented strategy
    Ability to manage and hedge duration based on market conditions
    Portfolio construction and rebalancing are driven by investment decisions, not benchmark changes

    I highlight above several keywords.

    Now, do I want to invest in OSTRX?
    I would compare it to SEMMX,IISIX see PorVis(link)

    SEMMX,IISIX have better performance, SD=voltility, Sharpe, Sortino and higher income too.
  • For cash, I would look at SEMMX or DHEAX/DHEIX. SEMMX has lower rating bonds and better performance than DHEAX (Investment grade > 80%). I call these funds "cash sub" for investors who are willing to take a calculated risk.
    See PorVis(link)
    I hardly ever hold cash/MM/CD but that's what I do and what suites my goals.
  • OSTRX just like its sibling OSTIX carry transaction fees to purchase on all the major brokerage platforms I've reviewed.
  • edited February 2020
    At Schwab IISIX is NTF and $100 min. This is the “I” share with only .61 ER. It’s a good deal.
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