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Army vs. Navy Today

Hi Guys,

It surely will not be the best football game of the year, but the ceremony surrounding the game will surely be noteworthy.. The excellent massed formations of both Services is both difficult and spectacular. I will enjoy these challenging maneuvers more than the contest itself. Please give it a look-see and enjoy. They fight today but protect each other tomorrow.

Go Army, beat Navy!!!!

I encourage your comments and projections.

Best Regards


  • Yup, always love it. Sadly, Army had issues and didn't come through this year, but still, always a genuine good game to watch. Alas, maybe next year.

    FWIW saying I saw a spirit meme yesterday ahead of the game that said "The Navy is like Uber, just for Marines only." And I'm sure there were equally snarky ones from the Navy/USMC as well.:)
  • As a Navy vet, well you know.....

  • I remember one USN spirit message years ago - a 688 sub was on patrol, the captain looked thru his periscope and spied the Army mule. The order was given to target & fire ..... and you can figure out the comical rest. :)
    Mark said:

    As a Navy vet, well you know.....

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