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How Start a Food Fight: Post "Our Food Is Killing Too Many of Us"

Here is the concluding paragraph of this important article:

"Yet with rare exceptions, the current presidential candidates are not being asked about these critical national issues. Every candidate should have a food platform, and every debate should explore these positions. A new emphasis on the problems and promise of nutrition to improve health and lower health care costs is long overdue for the presidential primary debates and should be prominent in the 2020 general election and the next administration."

The article is replete with links for further reading.

Is there a connection between this issue of national health and investing in mutual funds? Damn straight. In just one discrete area, the authors estimate that publicly funded health care programs could save $9,000 per year in costs by covering home delivery of healthy meals to patients. Our nation's abominable eating habits are taking money out of your and my pockets, and thereby reducing the returns on our portfolios.

I have ranted about the subject of nutrition previously on this board. I realize the subject and I are unpopular. However, as a American citizen, I'm embarrassed that the public faces of our country's trade and foreign policies are represented by an over-weight junk food addict from Queens and a feed-lot-fed undiplomatic bull from Kansas.
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