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MFO Ratings Updated Through July 2019

edited August 2019 in MFO Premium
All fund risk and return metrics, ratings, and analytics were uploaded yesterday, reflecting performance through July 2019.

Our Scorecard shows 29 fund families with 0% records, meaning every fund has underperformed since launch. A designation fund companies would generally not want to advertise. But I would definitely want to know.


  • Hi Charles- Have you-all considered adding a direct "Premium" link up there in the "green bar"?

  • That would be good! Thank you OJ.
  • @charles. Thanks so much Charles! You are doing outstanding work that makes our process for selecting funds so much easier and based on the data
  • Yay! Thanks MikeW. The site had NEVER been stronger.
  • edited August 2019
    Best Money Market Funds

    There are about 40 money market mutual funds available retail in the US. The four listed here have delivered about 2.4% this past year … as risk free as it gets. They have been around a long time and consistently outperformed their peers. A couple with hefty minimums. One closed to new investors. Leaving Vanguard as best practical option … who would have guessed?

  • Charles said:

    Best Money Market Funds

    Leaving Vanguard as best practical option … who would have guessed?

    Vanguard Prime MM is 60% invested in what they are calling "Yankee Foreign". Bonds of foreign origin in US $. Am I the only one who finds that peculiar?

  • WisdomTree Fund Family

    Thru July, 2/3rds of WisdomTree funds have beaten their peers since launch by 1% annualized on avg. WidsomTree earns an “Upper” rating on MFO’s Fund Family Scorecard, beating numerous other families ...
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