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Help with Small Cap Funds

Hey gang,

I was hoping to get people's suggestions on good small-cap funds. It seems the best ones are already closed and the Alger one people have regarded here is not available at Vanguard (and pricey). I currently own SLY (index fund), but would like to see other suggestions. The one I'm considering is PRDSX. Thanks! Starchild


  • I don't know your appetite for risk or what place a SC fund would have in your holdings, so my suggestions might not fit for you. Here are the domestic SC's I currently hold and which are open to new investors: CCSMX, DVSMX, and FTHNX. Of the three, the Driehaus fund would be the closest to the Alger (AOFAX?) fund you mentioned, i.e., lots of tech and healthcare. I have no idea what's available at Vanguard.
  • I think I've suggested PRDSX to you before? I'm sticking with it. If I'm not mistaken, its mandate and methodology became explicitly "quant" along the way, and I'm pretty happy with the change. Strong long-term performance: +17.72% compounded over past 10 years. In the current run-up, it's up +18.68, putting it in the middle of the pack.

    But consider: "Quantitatively driven T. Rowe Price QM U.S. Small-Cap Growth Equity is an excellent option for investors seeking low-priced exposure to the MSCI U.S. Small Cap Growth Index...." So, if Morningstar's analyst is not "all wet," PRDSX is not MEANT to actually stand out from all the rest.
  • WAMVX is one good choice, and there are a couple of good (not always great, but pretty steady) Gabelli ones also, GABSX and WEMMX.
  • I use FMIMX, FOSCX, and JSMVX.
  • I really appreciate it guys. Many thanks! And yes, @Crash, you suggested PRDSX. Been doing a little homework on it. I'm not entirely clear how quantitative works, however. Is it algorithms running the show? Seems index-like to me. I do like SLY because of the value/growth blend. Either way, it's a smaller slice in the portfolio.
  • Purchased MSCFX after it made 2018 distributions. It is a small cap core fund. Also have PRDSX being a quant fund for growth.

    If you don't care about expenses, WMICX (small cap core) has been on a tear the last several years.
  • You are right about many good ones being closed. I like some mentioned above, but I have been forced to become more tax-efficient with my portfolio, so I went with VTMSX.
  • Take a look at WAMCX . Strong performance over the 1,3, and 5 year timeframes.
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