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January MFO is out!

Subject line says it all..... ;)


  • Welcome to the New Year, dear friends.

    Given the understandable (and rising) anxieties folks face, I tried to pursue a thoughtfully optimistic tone. In the end, I suspect most folks would not benefit from fleeing the market (since they'll mistime both the out and the eventual in) but they might benefit from a more-cautious asset allocation and the presence of a few more reliable options for their portfolio. So, that's about what I flagged.

    The Ladder Select Bond folks reached out at about 5:00 a.m. today, so I'll likely chat with them this week.

    FPA just launched a new income fund, a version of FPA New Income that has more high-yield exposure. Northern Trust uses high-yield as a surrogate for low-risk equity, so I'll be curious to hear what FPA's logic is.


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