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Somebody Ate My Fund

As of November 20, my TDA Roth account no longer holds MGDPX, but it has MIGPX. They are both global funds and have the same managers, but I did not want another LCG global when I first bought. Still waiting for an explanation of this notation in my transactions record for 11/20: " MANDATORY - EXCHANGE." Morgan Stanley's web site offers no help. I can't find updated pricing for MGDPX anywhere. The fund did make its hefty distributions on 11/15. I remain mystified.


  • Maybe it got merged into other fund? Did you check their website?
  • @BenWP

    497 1 a18-36104_17497.htm 497

    Summary Prospectus and
    Prospectus Supplement

    October 22, 2018

    Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Inc.

    Supplement dated October 22, 2018 to the Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Inc. Summary Prospectuses and Prospectuses dated April 30, 2018

    Global Discovery Portfolio
    Global Insight Portfolio
    (each, a "Fund")

    On October 17, 2018, stockholders of each Fund approved an Agreement and Plan of Reorganization by and between each Fund and Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Inc., on behalf of its series Global Advantage Portfolio ("MSIF Global Advantage"), pursuant to which substantially all of the assets and liabilities of each Fund would be transferred to MSIF Global Advantage and stockholders of each Fund would become stockholders of MSIF Global Advantage, receiving shares of common stock of MSIF Global Advantage equal to the value of their holdings in each Fund (the "Reorganizations"). Each stockholder of each Fund will receive the Class of shares of MSIF Global Advantage that corresponds to the Class of shares of each Fund currently held by that stockholder. It is anticipated that the Reorganizations will be consummated on or about November 19, 2018. The Funds expects to cease offering shares of all Classes of the Funds at the close of business on or about November 14, 2018.

    Please retain this supplement for future reference.

  • Thanks for tracking that document down, @TheShadow! I don't think I got to vote.
  • Check with Florida or Georgia Ben. I hear they have trouble with the voting process.
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