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edited August 2018 in Fund Discussions
According to the Premium Multisearch tool MAPOX's risk level is 5. But according to the Miraculous Multisearch on the MFO (non premium) site the MAPOX risk is 3. According to the premium site FMIJX is closed. ("Open: No") but according to FMI's website this fund is open to new investors. Any thoughts about this?


  • According to Fidelity FMIJX is open.
  • It is open.
  • edited August 2018
    You may want to look at MGGPX as well. Ted had recommended it back in February. Took me a while to get onboard. Wish I had taken the advice sooner. :-(
  • @MFO Members: MGGPX has slipped a little the last three months, however; since inception the fund has had excellent performance. YTD the fund is up 13.64% which is in the 6th percentile of its bogey, World Stock Funds. I highly recommend this fund.
    1yr. 25.33% 4th percentile
    3yr. 21.61% 1st percentile
    5yr. 22.95% 1st percentile
  • If FAANG retreats, it will be interesting to see how the current out-performers react.
  • Our American Funds AMCPX is also up ~13% for the year. Top 5 holding categories:

    Information Technology 26.13%
    Health Care 22.75%
    Consumer Discretionary 18.83%
    Industrials 11.10%
    Energy 8.61%

    Top 10 Holdings- nice spread of Health & Tech, not super-FAANG:

    NFLX Netflix Inc 4.70%
    ABBV AbbVie Inc 2.59%
    UNH UnitedHealth Group 2.27%
    EOG EOG Resources Inc 2.26%
    AMZN Inc 2.15%
    ABT Abbott Laboratories 2.08%
    MSFT Microsoft Corp 2.01%
    AMG Amgen In 1.80%
    TMO Thermo Fisher Scient... 1.77%
    ACN Accenture PLC A 1.60%
  • I have MGGPX paired with FMIYX and ARTGX, so as Old_Joe eluded, not super-FAANGY.
  • I wish i had $100k for FMIYX:(
  • All the responses have been informative and fun. My real concern is that there are discrepancies in the MFO tools. I knew that FMIJX had recently reopened. After all the FMI funds website said so. My concern is that MFO Multisearch tool did not reflect this. Equally concerning was 2 different risk levels given for MAPOX. I'm especially concerned if level 5 risk is the true MFO opinion rather than 3 because I am invested in MAPOX. Such a high risk for a hybrid stock/bond fund is too extreme for me.
  • do not the risk ratings change as a function of time period? (too lazy to go check right now)
  • do not the risk ratings change as a function of time period? (too lazy to go check right now)

    Good thought! Maybe the one on the Premium site is one year or this year and the other is a summary/composite. I'll check. Thanks.
  • @davidmoran: yup, that's it. thanks again.
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