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Sad Tale of What Tariffs Do to a Small Business

"Marketplace" broadcast an interview with a small business owner in Florida whose order of steel tubing from China fell afoul of tariffs on Chinese manufactured parts. You really have to feel for this decent guy who has to pay a steep price for an irrational trade policy.


  • Thanks Obama!!!!!
  • Hi @larryB
    Will you please clarify your statement, Thanks Obama !!!!!, as related to the Marketplace article.

    Thank you,

  • @Catch. Surely you have seen the orange monster blame President Obama for everything,,,,, it's so common that the phrase has become part of our regular sarcastic vocabulary. Example,,, traffic is horrible on I-80. two hour delay. "Thanks Obama." Catch,,,I am shocked you didn't get that. Or are you goofing on me?
  • Seems pretty clear to me. This administration inherited laws from the Obama administration (never mind that according to the podcast, the tariff code being applied goes back to the 1960s).

    Just as this administration inherited those little annoyances like due process from the Obama administration (and a slip of paper from 1789).
  • @larryB
    Shocked or not, I have to read your literal statement.
    One can always do this..........Thanks Obama !!!!! (insert smiley face here) or (sarcastic).
    If we were sitting with a coffee at the Investors Cafe, I could have understood your intonation or related other comments.
    Thanks for the clarification.
  • @Catch22......I sorry.i thought that phrase was common usage among those in the opposition. My kids say it all the time. It's such a natural response to a article about some poor guy who is a victim of orange monster.
  • sarc-snark font special minting for mfo
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