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  • edited June 2018
    Remember, if anyone can do it, CA can do it. I think NY, TX and CA are 3 states, if they really want to get something done, they will, and give two hoots about anyone else.

    Calling all Gerrymanderers. CA needs you.
  • edited June 2018
    As a California resident. I'm for breaking it I half. Not interested in thirds. But i suspect figuring out water rights will preclude anything ever happening.
  • That plus having SF in a part generally unlike it politically.
  • @davidrmoran I suspect population-wise the bay area would still dominate that third, but i haven't cross - referenced the county level population data.
  • k, was just thinking that if part of the point was a degree of policy and political comity or something along those lines (more than now, anyway), then all of the westerly conservative counties would be unhappy w SF part of the mix, much less feeling dominated. I do not know the details, just what the general 'color' data show.
  • @jlev- Your comment is interesting, as I imagine quite a few of us have contemplated splitting the state for one reason or another at one time or another, even if no more than as a transient mental exercise. Just curious as to your perspective- North/South split maybe somewhere below Monterey?
  • @jlev: As a Cali resident, would you say this could happen? You also mentioned your desire to break it in half, may I ask why?
  • I have no idea if it could happen. Personally I would split it in half on a primarily east west line in the vicinity of the population geocenter of the state which as I recall is near Fresno. It would leave behind two states both top 5 in population. And my votes for senators feel like they'd be more consequential. Much of my feeling relates to the imbalance in population representation in the Senate. The exact placement of my line would be heavily dependent on trying to ensure similar GDP per capita in each state.
  • edited June 2018
    If you look at a map, Michigan already is broken in half. “The Uppers” (Pronounced “Youppers”) in the Northern Penninsula tend to behave and speak quite differently. Scarcely populated. Overall income levels much lower. Politically very conservative. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday there were to come a separation.

    Quite a contrast throughout the state between the large (liberal leaning) metro areas of Southeastern Michigan (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint) and the more northern areas which were built on lumbering a hundred or so years ago and nowadays rely heavily on tourism for survival (albeit somewhat overstated).

    Than there’s the Southwestern highly populated potion around Grand Rapids (Gerald Ford’s home) which tends to be politically quite conservative with strong theological roots - and also fairly affuent) - one notable product being Education Sec. Betsy DeVos.

    With a reliance on tourism, many rural (mostly northern) reaches tend to experience a boom and bust economy - sizzling hot 3 or 4 months of the year and poor much of the rest.
  • On a serious note, sometimes I feel breakups are healthy. If 2 people don't want to live together, don't force them, yeah? And if they are stupid, they deserve what they get.

    As a country we are already separated. Why not make the divorce official? Just hire good lawyers to get the deal you want.
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