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DSEEX/DSENX Annual Report

I received my copy of DoubleLine's annual report from Schwab today:

I wonder if others besides @davidmoran are reducing or will reduce positions. It's pretty obvious that the CAPE funds are losing ground to the S&P, although long-term they are still ahead of that bogey. I have not touched my position, FWIIW.

I don't own any other DL funds, but the annual report is ample evidence of how hard it is to make a buck in bonds these days.


  • @BenWP, what am I missing? Per M*, DSENX is not only holding it's own with S&P 500, but slightly ahead for the past YTD, 3M, 1M, 1W. It is way ahead YTD of maybe a more appropriate bench mark, LC value. I have 10% in DSENX. I don't see a reason to 2nd guess that at this point.
  • I was considering selling some as I have some big bills due this fall, not for any other reason. But I may sell other things instead and pay the tax.

    Anyway, it would have to do notably worse than SP500 for a good stretch of time for me to rethink. It remains 60% of our total.

    I was comparing CAPE with many of the broad equity CEFs listed in someone's recent posting of . CAPE outperforms the ones I checked (till I got bored) except for the last year, when many US equity bundlings have rocketed past it.
    I wonder what CAPE's premium might be if it were not an etn....
  • DL have some interesting bond funds that look no worse than others, maybe better, so maybe I will investigate them as well in my bond bucket
  • I'm glad that my inclination to hold DSENX (it's in more than one account) is confirmed by the wise counsel who chimed in. I don't pay anyone for the good advice I receive here, but that does not detract from its value.
  • haha, wise counsel, going to tell my wife


    I consider myself exceedingly lucky to live in a time of DoubleLine and Pimco. We would have done close to okay in retirement having stayed in my motley of balanced funds and sundry other things, too many, but the switch has made life have notably more breathing room. Like the decadeslong bull market in general. Exceedingly lucky.
  • "haha, wise counsel, going to tell my wife"

    No good can come from that.
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