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Anyone here put their money in a "Butterfly?" A friend e mailed me this morning to tell me that today was the day for employing the Butterfly. I had never heard of it and I am almost to RMD time. Have I missed something?


  • edited March 2018
    Was the email a hack that appeared to be from a friend? Any clickable links?

    Options trading term:
  • The email was really from my friend and I looked it up. I was just curious if I was the last to know about such an "investment."
  • I don't do options, but recalled the term.
  • @larryB- Sounds more like "gamble" than "investment". The horses might be more fun.
  • @Old_Joe.... Butterfly sounds like something you would hear on an infomercial for get rich quick schemes at 0500.

  • Butterfly spreads are options trades when you think the uderlying stock or ETF will stay within a given range. Some options trades do have weird/funky names to them.

    Say ABC is at 32.51 ... you can set up a butterfly spread with the max profit reachedat either 30 or 35 if you think it will move into that range.
  • And you can also set up a spread on the horses if you think that they can move into a certain range.
  • I always liked the name iron Condor
  • @MFO Members: This my kind of butterfly. I use it every night in order to sleep.
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