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Josh Brown: I Bought My First Bitcoin

FYI: So you are now free to dump all of your crypto-currencies because this surely marks an all-time top.

But I thought I’d mention it anyway.

For those who are curious about why and how, I’ll just say the following…


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    Ted, you couldn't be more wrong. Bitcoins are up 40% since this weekend. You missed out on a two day bull market. What is the expression? Yes, a day late and a bitcoin short. Oh wait, it is today today 5%. This is better than penny stocks on a pink sheet.

    While Josh mentions where he bought his Bitcoin, one is required to sign in to Coinbase to do much of anything. Two days back I started a discussion on MFO, which you never replied to. You apparently missed it. I linked a much better site called Coindesk which has daily stories, including the value of Bitcoin. And you aren't required to sign in.

    You should check out other members' discussions. You might learn something.
  • TedTed
    edited July 2017
    @Maurice: I have never owned Bitcoins, and never will ! I wouldn't even buy them with your money.
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    Well @LewisBraham when high profile people actively serving in government know they can't be indicted for bribery, because that $10M to $20M from the Middle East has been transferred into their family controlled, non-transparent Not-For-Profit foundation, because it simply is not a crime for any sitting Cabinet member or Senator to accept that money. No pay for play here. Not on their watch. So they don't have to resort to buying cryptocurrency. Bitcoins and such are for the rest of us.

    @Ted Don't worry I won't be purchasing cryptocurrency with my money either, until the government forces me to buy Al Gore's Climate Change Carbon Credit Internet currency. We have to rebuild our clean energy roads and bridges, and redistribute to those born without privilege. Not to mention bailing out your state of Illinois. And it will be constitutional, because according to Justice Roberts, the government has the right to force citizens to purchase something they don't want or cannot afford, because it has the authority to tax.
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    Glass house, stone:
    Also, the rationale that other people do bad things and therefore I can do bad things is about the oldest lie in the book. Do you really want to profit off an investment used by drug dealers to launder money?
  • They both live in glass houses. Am I to believe that the Clintons didn't benefit from their Foundation, because US News says so? We know that the Clinton found DID take money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar while Sec of State. US News hints that Trump MAY HAVE done something. Did they confirm that?

    Look at all the high level State Dept and/or campaign workers who also work and worked for the Foundation. And what about the shakedown... err contribution of $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation by Happy Hearts Fund, who wanted to help victims in Haiti?

    Happy Hearts Funds

    Lewis, you are for independent boards, are you not? How about this one?

    Clinton Board of Directors

  • edited July 2017
    They both live in glass houses.
    False equivalency. Read the U.S. News & World Report story. And I'm sorry if you're going to assume that anything published in U.S. News is false and part of the liberal media conspiracy, there really is no point in talking. It's respectably existed since 1933.
    From the story:
    Compare and contrast all of this with the much-maligned Clinton Foundation. Let's be clear: Whatever you think of the Clintons, their foundation has been a force for good. The signature example: Nearly 12 million people around the world have more affordable access to AIDS/HIV medication at least in part because of the organization. (See Colby political scientist Laura Seay's tweet-storm on the topic for a ground-level view of the foundation's work.) And it does a lot more – Inside Philanthropy's David Callahan has a good explainer here cataloging the foundations causes. (And contra right-wing talking points, 89 percent of its expenditures go to charity.)
    By contrast, Trump's foundation gave less than $10,000 to the Police Athletic League, bought a giant picture of himself and gave $25,000 to Attorney General Pam Bondi to curry favor with her.
  • Maybe you are right. No point in talking. Defending the Clintons is like defending Capone. Even Nixon's crimes pale in comparison to this crime family.

  • @Maurice You're right--there's no point. Comparing the Clintons' faux pas to Nixon's crimes is patently absurd.
  • "Comparing the Clintons' faux pas to Nixon's crimes is patently absurd."

    Fo' paws? Whatever was the Clinton's dog supposed to have done?
  • Hey J.B. I got some tulip bulbs that have your name on them.
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