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Survey - Top 3 fund holdings

Across a few discussions people keep sharing their top holdings, so I thought it would be interesting to see which funds people have high conviction on and to what degree (what and how much of portfolio). I would venture a guess folks top holdings have probably been with them for years and needed some careful planning. Please don't include money market mutual funds. Appreciate any responses.

My top 3 are below. They are from my taxable holdings since for me that would be right information to disclose since for my 401ks I trade funds based on my ANALysis allocation models and use index funds when i can. Also as most folks already know I own more funds than most so my percentages as part of portfolio are not that high. My answer actually surprised me too and will help me figure things out going forward.

I am indeed a very conservative investor forever scarred by last 2 bear markets. I've decided to curtail my lifestyle and focus on being able to sleep at night.

RPHYX - 3.99%
HSTRX - 3.86%
FPACX - 3.01%




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    I don't have percentages calculated but my largest OEFs are as follows. Execpt for my 403b each account has other funds, individual stocks, and cash holdings as well.

    (in my more actively-managed/traded account) - OEF positions are not traded but held for long term.

    (in my more passively-managed account) - these and others held since 2005

    (in my 403b) - held since 2010
    RWMGX (95% of the account)

    (in my Roth IRA)
    POGRX - putting starter position on this week
  • My top 3 actively managed funds (the biggest percent is in an S&P 500 index fund) are OPGIX, POAGX, and DSEEX, each around 2.5% (I own a lot of funds also). 2.5% of my money is also in AGRDX, which is in my 401k so I am sort of "forced" to choose it from the selection offered in my 401k, although it is not a bad fund.
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    My top three mutual funds are FKINX (6.4%) ... AMECX (6.1%) ... and CAIBX (5.1%). I have owned these three funds for a good number of years, one of them about fifty.
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    PRWCX 15%
    PRBLX 15%
    PONDX 10%
  • I also own many funds. Top 3.
    1) RPHYX
    2) VPMCX
    3) VWELX
  • I have been a concentrated investor for most of my life. The most funds we have ever held at a time is 8...currently, only 4.

    1) PRWCX - 61.7%
    2) PONDX - 15.7%
    3) GPROX - 15.3%
  • @VF :

    I am indeed a very conservative investor forever scarred by last 2 bear markets. I've decided to curtail my lifestyle and focus on being able to sleep at night.
    (now your talking ) I've been doing that for a goodly number of years.
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    Interesting thread. The 6 funds in my Mixed Assets Pot share that distinction:

    VWINX - 5.4%
    GLRBX - 5.4%
    BERIX - 5.4%
    FPACX - 5.4%
    WHGIX - 5.4%
    RPGAX - 5.4%
  • TCMPX - 10.5%
    GPEOX - 8.9%
    SFGIX - 8.6%
  • In the accounts that I manage,
  • For me, it goes as follows:

    VWENX - 8.5 %
    PIMIX - 5.3 %
    FMIJX - 5.0 %

  • PRWCX 15%
    ICMBX 15%
    DSENX 15%
  • For me, the answers would vary if you would delineate between taxable accounts and IRA. As I have only one holding shared by the 2 accounts, that would naturally be the highest percentage in my portfolio...and that is RPMGX at about 5.75% of the total portfolio.
  • PRWCX 35.67%
    MAPOX 16.26%
    PREMX 14.12%
    (4th:) PRSNX 10.97%.
    Wanna let my winners run. Wanna simplify for income-production, monthly and quarterly. Soon, but not today or next month...:)
  • @Crash , simplicity with some very good funds. I like it. You've come a long way from your very heavy EM/Asia days IMHO:)
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    @MikeM: it's all your fault. I have received a lot of serious help on this website and predecessor Fund Alarm, over the years. Thanks. :)
    Asleep At The Wheel, on Austin City Limits. "It's All Your Fault."
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    Sorting through multiple accounts and summing up total investments, I end up with:
    BND (Vanguard Bond Fund) 15%
    VBR (Vanguard Small Cap Value) 8%
    GPGOX 7%
    OAKBX 5% (about 15 years)
  • beebee
    edited March 2017
    AGDYX 15%
    PRWCX 14%
    PRIDX, POAGX, VHCOX, VWINX, PRHSX, (PONDX / PTIAX equal wt) 5% - 6% each

    Cash = 32%
  • Great discussion idea VF, thanks!

    GPIIX 8.5%
    POAGX 7.8%
    GPEIX 7.3%
  • This is always been something I have wondered about, what recognizable names in discussions actually invested in outside of any topic at hand. For me I started changing my portfolio this year from accumulation to preparing for retirement income. My top three are
    BERIX. 12.5%
    CCAPX. 10.0%
    GLFOX. 5%
    EVGBX. 5%
  • LKBAX 9%
    RNDLX 9%
    SFGIX 7%
    14 funds total
    Cash is 18%

  • DSE_X
    The third would be about 50-50 FLPSX and PDI
  • Across all my accounts:
  • edited March 2017
    8% Each Fund, BTBFX,LKBAX,CBLAX,ICMBC,MAPOX. I Have 12 Other Funds At 5% Each Fund
  • @MFO Members:
    SPY= 35.3%
    QQQ= 18.0%
    CSCIX= 13.6%
    PONCX= 11.1%
    IJH= 8.3%
    PFF= 5.4%
  • edited March 2017
    TSP G-fund 35%
    VTXVX 24%
    CVX Stock (not MF) 3%
  • Taxable account:
    VTMFX 28%
    VTI 14%
    VWIAX 10%
  • FDVLX 4.2%
    VUVLX 3.6%
    VWNEX 3.1%
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