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What is causing the price of gold to move up?


  • Howdy Bobpa,

    Just a suggestion. If you want to get some answers, you need to frame your question in a more precise way. The POG responds to dozens of different factors. This makes for a very complicated answer.

    Just on an outside thought, right now, there is some anticipation of an increase in inflation in the coming months. This is being tempered by a strong post-election dollar. However, in the grand scheme of things, precious metals are relatively inexpensive right now.

    and so it goes,


  • What is causing the price of gold to move up?...

    More buyers than sellers.
  • edited December 2016
    Today the Sellers/Profit Takers Moved In
    Quote data as of close 12/29/2016
    NAV Change
    +2.03 (+6.24%)

    Quote data as of close 12/30/2016

    TGLDX TOCQUEVILLE GOLD FUND $33.77 -$0.81 -2.34 %

    52 Week NAV Range $22.25 - $47.92

    @ today's close
    1 Week Change 8.20%
    1 Month Change 0.78%
    3 Month Change -20.63%
  • Not sure what your time frame is for up. Miner stocks have had a good year on their roller coaster ride as shown above by TGLDX ( I think TGLDX is one of the very few if not only PM fund that does hold a very small amount of real gold), up around 40+% in 2016. Gold on the other hand is up around 18% for the year. But both these funds/ETFs are down considerably since summer. I believe TGLDX was up in August 2016 to about 100%, so it has taken a drastic slide since then. GLD is down around 15% in that same time period, August to now. Over the last 10 days, GLD is up around 2% if that is the 'up' you mean.

    I'm just not seeing a clear up trend... yet. And as an investment, IM<HO, gold may be an investment, miners are very, very speculative.
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