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Why did SEQUX drop so much when their Valeant position is now only their 10th largest one ?

Per their 6/30/15 commentary at , Valeant shouldn't hurt them as much as it seems to be doing. Granted they have some other losers, too.


  • I believe that holding table is in alphabetical order not in order of size.
  • Yikes...that is an ugly chart (SEQUX)! Looks like an EM fund!

  • Per M*, on 6/31/15 VRX is 29% of SEQUX portfolio. 29% x a drop of 20% in the stock equates to about a 5.8% drop in the fund.

    The % of VRX in the portfolio is likely less than the 29% reported on 6/31/15 since the stocks price dropped significantly in the last few months even before yesterday. So yeah, the 4.3% in SEQUX drop yesterday can certainly be attributed to VRX. Makes sense.
  • i like this date: 6/31/15:)
    today was quite volatile for VRX as well...
  • Hey, that's the day after my birthday, which is the last day in June... wait... something's not quite right here... lemme think about this...
  • Looks like they got rid of VRX. VRX down 7.37%, SEQUX only down 0.68%.
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