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Bridgeway Large Cap Growth (BRLGX)

Looks like a good fund, but as always I'm curious as to what others think of this fund. Large Cap Growth (in general) seems poised to continue doing well next year. Here's the M* page:

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this fund as well as suggestions for other funds in the Large Cap Growth realm!


  • In the short term it's done alright but my favored fund has always been Fidelity Contrafund FCNTX.
  • TedTed
    edited December 2014
    Pop Tart: For what its worth BRLGX is ranked #8 In The (LCG) Fund Category By U.S. News & World Report:
    Merry Chritmas,
  • Thanks Mark & Ted. Contrafund has been a core holding of mine for years, I'm just curious about other options as well.

    Thanks for the link Ted. I saw this link on your Contrafund post earlier today, which got me thinking about BRLGX.

    Happy Holidays to both of you!
  • edited December 2014
    Hi Pop Tart,

    In the LCG space, I prefer POGRX, which continues to produce with a relatively low expense ratio. The Primecap team has produced awesome results over the years at their funds: VPCCX, VPMCX, POAGX, POSKX and POGRX. Unfortunately, only the last two funds are open to new investors. We continue to own a 10% position in POAGX.

  • Thank you Kevin for sharing your experience in the LCG space, I'll look more closely at POSKX and POGRX.

    Happy Holidays!
  • I have PYSAX (load waived through Schwab) for my mid/large growth. It does not have quite that long history, but has done very well since its inception a little over five years back. A little different animal though.
  • edited December 2014
    Pop Tart, if you are amenable to ETFs, I would also take a look at RPG and SCHG.

    And a compelling case may be made to own a 50/50 mix of RPG and RPV as detailed HERE.

    In our portfolio, we cover our domestic LC needs with a combination of VOO, PRWCX, POAGX and PRHSX.

  • edited December 2014
    In fact, PYSAX has a VERY good history, since its manager David Glancy was the manager of Fidelity Leveraged Stock FLVCX during its glorious first 4 years. It was not doing well last year though...
  • I think Bridgeway is the best quant shop out there available to retail investors. The main manager, John Montgomery, treats investors very well. I'd look at BRAGX, their flagship, go anywhere fund too. BRAGX, like the other funds in that family, including BRLGX, had a couple of disasterous years in their but great long-term records.

    If you look at Bridgeway's web site, you'll see it has tons of literature and they do say explicitly that they believe (contrary to some recent theories) that higher volatility is necessary if you want higher rewards.

    If you like quant funds, or want at least one for diversification. I would seriously consider Bridgeway, either BRLGX if you're lacking large growth or BRAGX, but then you'll have to prepare for a bumpy ride.
  • edited December 2014
    I own BWLAX, American Beacon Bridgeway which is a large cap value fund and I am well pleased, thus far, with its performance. It is available in other share classes and the no sales load thicker is BWLIX. You might want to do a performance analysis between BWLIX and BRLGX. Over the past ten years (period of time) BWLIX edges out BRLGX.

    I have lniked its Morningstar report for those that might be interested in taking a look.
    It is rated five stars by M*.

    BWLAX is held in the growth area of my portfolio in my large/mid cap sleeve and is one of six funds held within this sleeve; and, it accounts for just short of ten percent of the sleeve's value.

  • Life time and last full cycle numbers not so far anyway:

  • I also hold BWLIX.
  • Thank you to all who have suggested funds & etf's! I'll look into them all.

    There's no greater resource for investing than MFO. Thanks!
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