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  • johnN
    thank you Dr Madell
    Much appreciated
    Kind regards
    September 2020
  • Dr. Madell, Thanks for your response. It is most appreciated. And, I hope you enjoyed your trip.

    I somewhat agree that the markets, at times, seem to have a mind of their own and move away from fundamentals. My feeling it that this is mostly due to computerized trading programs keying off one another's direction of movement. With this, today, it seems more things get overbought, or oversold.

    Through my years of investing I look at my asset allocation more of a risk control measure for it has help me from becoming asset heavy, or light, with respect to my asset allocation. This is why I feel it is so important for not only beginning investors but the more seasoned investor as well. Being a former credit manager my job was to control receivable risk. As an investor I seek to control risk and do this through governing my asset allocation. While others, I feel, associate their asset allocations more with projected returns over risk control.

    Best regards,
    February 2019
  • Dr. Madell, I felt your newsletter needed to be move forward towards the front of the stack. So, I wrote a little blurb and moved it forward thinking that this might draw some additional comments from some other posters that might visit the board over the weekend. Cordially, Old_Skeet
    January 2019