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  • @BT2020:But go ahead and keep pushing highly leveraged and/or non-liquid funds... So what's next? Are you going to start pushing 2x and 3x leveraged funds like Profunds & Direxion too? I already posted several warnings and what I have done with…
  • "You ask, "So what's next?" Hopefully not the same tiresome personal feuds that drove a lot of excellent posters away from the M* forum." Thanks for providing a snarky response instead of well thought out response about the issue of rising rates …
  • BT2020: What FD is missing here is the leverage is HIGHER now then earlier in the year. With HIGHER leverage and the corresponding INCREASE in treasury rates, interest costs and the associated risk for the leverage has increased then earlier in th…
  • Even better many of the institutional type funds are available with $500 minimum investments. And now the bad. If you need customer service by phone expect a long, long wait, usually 20-90 minutes. Fundly Although Firstrade will show $500 mini…
  • Absolutely do your own diligence. First, we don't know how long or how high the leverage has been. Second, the 10 year was much higher years ago and the fund did OK too. Third, the manager has been using short positions too. Per M* fund holdings …
  • Don’t forget the most important part of the fund. The 49% leverage and the huge position in swaps. With the recent spike in the 10 year and if the rise in interest rates continues, the higher borrowing costs will be detrimental to this funds huge po…