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  • $75 TF at Fidelity.
  • To Hank, thanks for clarifying my in-kind transfer question. While I may still invest in some of TRP's better (open) funds, it will be simpler to consolidate within one brokerage. While not suggesting any (stress) equivalency with your situation, I …
  • CV19 caused tightness in the toilet paper supply chain in my supermarket last spring/summer. One package per customer. Hoarding and furloughed tree fellers in the PNW's forests contributed to rationing. Not sure if this affected timber prices. Eithe…
  • To the OP, that sounds like a horror story. I am planning to in-kind transfer a TRP mutual fund (custodial IRA) to Fidelity. If I transfer all the assets in the account, will I be charged an account closing fee? TIA.
  • I want to thank all the members of MFO who made suggestions in response to my OP. I will look into all of them and see what might work best for me. I have endured/survived every crash since 1987. My situation was not helped by financial 'advisors' a…
  • . . . and trains in the UK. He also owns Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, which is a luxury travel destination. Both are affected to some degree now by the economic downturn and Covid.