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  • @Crash-in the above comment, "to be held harmless" means that your SS benefit (net of Medicare deduction) will be the same as the prior year, that is no change. Probably most will not be affected by this, since their SS increase will be more than t…
  • Update: New monthly premium for Part B will be $170.10 per month, which is an increase of $21.60 per month. Also, Part B deductible will increase from $203 annually in 2021 to $233 annually in 2022. Everywhere I had read indicated around a $10 a …
  • "In 2021, Part B increased 2.70% to $148.50 monthly from $144.60. Annually that was a $47 increase." That is correct, but remember that the 2021 was supposed to be four times this amount or $15.60 ($3.90 x 4). It was limited to 25% by the law that…
  • UPDATE: We were able to get the TreasuryDirect site to help us get the purchase reversed. The money came back into our account two days ago, and we just finished purchasing the I bonds that we should have done the first time. TreasuryDirect gave …
  • @Gary1952, I was addressing your inquiry about ZEOIX above. Should have stated that in my first post.
    in * Comment by csinvesting January 2020
  • Bought a small position late last week. Paid a $20 fee at Vanguard. Also, there is a 1% fee if held less than thirty days. I don't think that that will come into play here.
    in * Comment by csinvesting January 2020
  • @fundly "This analysis is available with their premium product. I get it for free from our local library" Exactly how do you do that?
    in * Comment by csinvesting January 2020