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  • @Derf She is scheduled to receive the 2nd shot on 3/26.
  • I have received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine and have no side effects from either. The wife received her first shot of Moderna several weeks ago and just had a little soreness in her arm the first day. The vaccines have been a non issue for us …
  • PRWCX is "closed to new investors" on Fidelity, so unless you already have a position, you can eliminate that choice!
  • One of the most helpful articles I've seen in any forum. Thank you for all of your work as I know this will provide many ideas for those of us in or near retirement. I am on the Fidelity network and VWINX is my prime core fund by a long shot with PR…
  • MrRuffles - Thanks for checking on and clarifying the Fidelity automatic investment option to avoid the $75 fee. I wasn't aware of this as I have used it to add to VWINX which I owned. However, if someone really wanted to own VWINX, for example, but…
  • Golub1- I'm at Fidelity as well & you can purchase VWINX at for $5 per transaction vs $75 by setting up automatic investments (dollar cost average). You can set up when you want to start and end the auto purchases. You can also stop them at any …
  • Like you Bee, I rely heavily on VWINX and PRWCX for my core holdings and also use VWINX as a measurement stick for my overall investments (I'm 77). For other equity holdings I have been using etf's to supplement these funds taking advantage of mome…
  • I personally don't have any international investments at this time. However, in the August AAII Journal MATFX is the top international "fund" YTD and for 2019. It ranks second over the past five years!
  • Voting by mail is fine as long as you request the (absentee) ballot and each ballot is authenticated. It does not take that much effort to request an absentee ballot, but I hear from certain politicians that that is too much to ask. Mass mailing of …