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  • johnN
    Hi sir hope everything is ok. Hope you are having great holidays and enjoying family

    Happy holidays
    Kind regards
    December 2019
  • johnN
    nice div chart
    MarketBeat Dividend Advisor
    so many Company Share Price Period Yield Amount Previous Amount Payout Ratio Announcement Date Ex-Dividend Date Payable Date Read More
    AllianceBernstein Natnl Muncpl Incm Fnd. (NYSE:AFB)
    $13.62 monthly 4.08 % $0.05 $0.05 7/22/19 8/1/19 8/16/19 Read More

    Apple Hospitality REIT (NYSE:APLE)
    $15.81 monthly 7.78 % $0.10 $0.10 69.8% 7/19/19 8/1/19 8/15/19 Read More

    Arconic (NYSE:ARNC)
    $25.28 quarterly 0.31 % $0.02 $0.02 5.9% 7/11/19 8/1/19 8/25/19 Read More

    Union Bankshares (NYSE:AUB)
    $38.58 quarterly 2.77 % $0.25 7/17/19 8/1/19 8/16/19 Read More

    Blueknight Energy Partners (NASDAQ:BKEP)
    $1.37 quarterly 12.12 % $0.04 $0.04 -55.2% 7/18/19 8/1/19 8/14/19 Read More

    Bank of Marin Bancorp (NASDAQ:BMRC)
    $44.45 quarterly 1.95 % $0.21 $0.19 32.6% 7/19/19 8/1/19 8/9/19 Read More

    Capitol Federal Financial (NASDAQ:CFFN)
    $13.77 quarterly 2.47 % $0.09 $0.09 7/17/19 8/1/19 8/16/19 Read More

    CMS Energy (NYSE:CMS)
    August 2019
  • Old_Joe
    Re Boeing: Twenty EIGHT hundred now. Have a good day.


    June 2019
  • johnN
  • Old_Joe
    Ted- You don't appear to be posting today, which will be missed by those members who view your patented linkage posts. As you are well aware, I have responded positively to many of those posts when they make it into the "Discussions+" section, and have no desire to see you leave MFO.

    Just play by the rules, stop the personal attacks, and we'll get along just fine. That's hardly asking for too much.

    March 2019
  • Hi Ted, You are late this morning in posting your daily market happenings.

    Not wanting to step on your toes and post your normal post infront of you.

    Just checking to see if you are ok?

    Best regards,


    February 2019
  • johnN
  • TED , Your detailed post on Canabis was last April , a lot has happenned since then . Any further insight on how to invest in this sector ?
    August 2018
  • I Am A YAY!!!!!!
    June 2017
  • Hi Ted,

    You kept the site(s) at both fund alarm and MFO alive with your many post ... and, I thank you for them. Know also, I'll do my best to keep things going during your absence from the early morning slot.

    Just let me know when you are able to venture back ... and, I'll step aside.

    February 2017