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  • Hi Lynn,

    I was reading your post on the link "Best ETF or Mutual Funds for severe inflationary cycle?" and being that I too am interested in opening a position in VCDMX, I had two questions:

    1. I think that I picked up from M* that it has a negative SEC yield of 1.91%. If this is the case, does a negative yield concern you?

    2. Also from M* I think it shows a significant percentage of Treasury/Agency bonds. If I am reading this correctly, with rising rates is this a concern to you?

    I might be having a problem understanding this fund and its components but I know that I am looking for an alternative fund to hedge against inflation.

    Thank you,

    May 6
  • johnN
    April 7
  • johnN
    March 14
    • lynnbolin2021
      You are welcome. Thanks for the feedback.
  • johnN
    Thank you kind regards
    February 15
  • thank you for your December response to me. It's been of great help. I'm still researching and sitting on about 18% cash reserves that I'm holding off allocating until I'm done. I do not have access to EFT in my account, and don't have the resources to meet 1 mil minimums, but know how to read a prospectus and find the Z and R6 classes I can invest in.

    I just want to say thank you for your time and post. It is much appreciated and helps a lot.
    Your kindness is respectable.
    January 17
    • lynnbolin2021
      You are welcome, Michael,

      It is probably a good thing to have some cash with the market volatility today. I am conservative at the moment. This past week's wild ride is probably a sign of more to come. I am watching for opportunities now.
  • Dear Mr Bolin

    Thank you for "riles based investment, but I seem to have missed the definition of your buckets.

    Thank you

    June 2020
  • Welcome Aboard!
    September 2019