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Hi Hank, Your satire came across very well. Don't worry about the user name. Best, Lewis


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  • johnN
    Hi sir you are right they need to get PAs the goal line and have a great opportunity open up for them
    At least in tx they have Chips medicaid plans for kiddos until 18 yo (migrants for poors-indigent plans whether you are Hispanics or chinese immigrants ) and many large towns cities have Healthcare plans/clinics for these individuals... These plans I agree they are not the best/substandards plans like kaiser in Cali but they are available... I think you are definitely right we gavd to be compassion but everneeds to draw the line in the sands somewhere and has to say 'enough is enough' especially the previous non existence border crisis ..

    Trump's line in the sands maybe much shorter then your lines Ir mine lines
    June 2019
  • Hi Hank,

    Your satire came across very well. Don't worry about the user name.

    November 2017
  • hank
    Hi Lewis:

    Just curious whether my intended satire in suggesting that possibly comments containing "Trump" came across to you? If it escaped some, I don't mind. But if I missed the mark with someone of your intellect, than I failed miserably. Thanks for any feedback on my meager attempt at satire.

    PS: I screwed up and sent you this query under an old "alternative" user name. Nowadays I use it to monitor board inconspicuously on occasion. However, I let my guard down tonight. Kindly disregard and keep quiet if you will. I owe you one!

    Regards, hank.
    March 2017