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David Snowball's March Commentary Is Now Available


  • "The rounded end of the can is filled with an air bubble vacuum, which makes it easier to get the sauce out," he explained.
  • edited March 2018
    Elevator Talk: Ali Motamed, Balter Invenomics (BIVIX):

    "Boston Partners Long/Short Equity (BPLEX/BPLSX), Mr. Motamed’s previous charge, is by far the best long-short fund we’ve seen over the past decade."

    Mr. Motamed was a manager of this fund only for two years, 07/22/2013 - 10/20/2015. During that time the performance of this fund was mediocre.
  • Very nice issue, David!

    I see you mentioned the Thompson Reuters Lipper Awards in Briefly Noted.

    We are proud to be included among the Lipper Award winners this year! They honored us as the Best Alt Global Macro Fund over the last 5 years out of 55 in the category.
  • Nice catch @finder I'm looking at this fund Do you have any other thoughts on it? Perhaps far too short a track record to draw any conclusions
  • I go with BP's research long/short fund (BPRIX) over the flagship product, if you're looking for long/short equity.
  • REDWX does not avoid all energy companies. It does avoid fossil fuel energy companies.
  • @ooby, I looked back at the wording in the REDWX writeup, and it refers to avoiding the energy "sector," which in the conventional breakdown is made up of FF companies. Renewables are scattered around various sectors - mostly as tech, but also utilities and even materials (biofuels, e.g.).

    For example, see the M* portfolio pages for the renewables etf QCLN.
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