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Trump Stock Rally Second Only To FDR

edited January 2018 in Fund Discussions
FYI: In stark contrast to the dire predictions from some pundits and prognosticators, the equity markets have continued to soar since Donald J. Trump moved into the White House.
In addition to a record-setting period for stocks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average since Mr. Trump officially took office on Inauguration Day has produced the second-best 12-month performance since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first year in 1933.
Source: FactSet and CNBC.

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt (D)
2. Donald J. Trump (R)
3. Harry S. Truman (D)
4. Barack H. Obama (D)
5. Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
6. George H.W. Bush (R)
7. William J. Clinton (D)
8. John F. Kennedy (D)
9. Gerald R. Ford (R)
10. Dwight D. Eisenhower (R)
11. George W. Bush (R)
12. Ronald W. Reagan (R)
13. Richard M. Nixon (R)
14. James E. Carter (D)


  • Let's see: the S&P 500 appreciated about 220% (including dividends) during the Obama term in office. Does that mean he gets all the credit for that? How bored does a journalist have to be to come up with these screwy stories? Who in their right mind invests based upon who sits in the White House?
  • oh, please

    and wait, wasn't FDR the worst sort of libtard socialist??

    I look forward to their followup.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • In your fantasies. No PC to it; there are definitions and criteria.

    I would be dying to give the "president" credit for anything actual that was not blinkered and destructive.
  • edited January 2018
    And by the way FDR oversaw the two worst Depressions in the last 100 years.
    What sort of nonsense are you spewing?
    The Great Depression began in 1929 under Herbert Hoover, a pro-business, low-tax, anti-New Deal/anti-"socialist" Republican. Here is GDP Growth under Hoover from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis:
    Roosevelt was president from March 1933 through April 1945. The first part of the New Deal was passed midway through 1933. Here is GDP growth during Roosevelt's presidency:
    Note that the U.S. didn't enter the war till the end of 1941, and the war itself was another form of government spending, i.e., "socialist" fiscal stimulus to build weapons and hire massive amounts of soldiers.
    Also, note that the one significant GDP downturn during Roosevelt's presidency occurred in 1938 after Roosevelt was pressured by a newly-elected Republican Congress to balance the budget and curb government spending, which he did.
  • @LB

    >> What sort of nonsense are you spewing?

    haha, the sort that Maurice and his ilk almost invariably spew: fact-free.

    I mean, look at the SotU. omg, what a complete crock of toxic lies.
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